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June 17-August 21, 2020

Many of us are isolated and looking at a blank calendar. We feel uneasy because we know this could be a very valuable time for professional growth. We could be practicing and honing our craft, but it’s difficult to decide exactly what we want to accomplish, come up with a plan, and to stick to it. It’s easy to say “well, I can always do that tomorrow”. There will be two groups of people at the end of the COVID crisis however, those who made massive gains in their playing and those who didn’t.

There are plenty of wonderful programs going on this summer where you can take a few lessons and maybe even interact with a few other like-minded individuals, but the vast expanse of time available to us now is more suited to sustained work on long-term projects.

That’s where THE SESSIONS come in. THE SESSIONS is a ten week program designed to inspire, hold you accountable, and give you a sense of community while you do the hard work. This is the ideal time to put in extensive practicing, and this program will help give you the structure to refine and achieve your goals.

Everyone knows that it is easier to go to the gym if you know that you’ve paid for classes and if you’re going with friends who share the same goals. This idea holds true for music as well. Each week, for ten weeks, we will meet as a group to hold discussions, play for each other, study with a guest instructor, and take private lessons.

Knowing that this is a difficult time for many financially, fees are kept as low as possible and
scholarships are available.

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"Build your weaknesses until they become your strength"- Knute Rockne

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